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In the following pages are displayed some of my more recent work; I will change these from time to time so do keep looking. Those marked 'NFS' are not for sale and those captioned 'Private Collection' are works already sold including commissioned paintings.

Maylands-  0il on board 32 x 32  (over frame 52 x 52) Private collection.

This was painted plein air during two visits in order to catch the same                                             light conditions.                                                                          



A Beautiful Menace Pastel 34 x 43  private collection.

This is based on a photograph I took in Botswana- a long lens shot! The leopard was waiting for a number of lions to leave the elephant carcass below.

By 168 Bus to Camden Market Oil on Board                  38 x 28 $420 framed (detail)

Swans Commission 3 feet x 4 feet Oil

 Swans Oil 90 x 121 Commission

Books in Budapest Oil on board framed. Private collection. Image 25 x 36. This wonderful mobile second-hand book seller was in Pest.


Here is an idea, you can buy art for that special present knowing that it is unique. If you do not see the very thing then commission a painting, prices are commensurate with those shown for completed work.



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