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Old Masters

Copying or adapting the works of other painters has a long history. Unless of course it is an attempt at forgery it is a perfectly respectable thing to do and it is a great learning process. Here are some versions of Vermeer works and one of his Delft contemporary, one of Degas's and two intimate pastel portraits by the Parisian painter Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin (1699-1779) and a Cezanne. If you have a favourite work and you cannot afford the original why not commission an original tribute version?!




The Milkmaid       

2013  Pastel 29x20  Private Collection.



Vermeer's Studio       

2013 Pastel 30x26  Private Collection.

This a combination of two Vermeer paintings,'The Girl with the Pearl Earring'

and 'The Art of Painting'



The Goldfinch  Pastel 33 x 25 $350


This little painting by Carel Fabritius of Delft is the subject matter of Donna Tartt's novel of the same name. Very unfortunately the painter was killed when the Delft powder magazine blew up in 1654.

IMG_4879 (2).JPG

Italian Woman Oil 91 x 61 $750 

A painting by Corot which was a favourite of Lucien Freud. It shows a country woman in her regional finery in 1872, looking like a renaissance noblewoman.

Beauty and the Beach       

Pastel 38 x 28  Private Collection

This is a study of one of Degas's beautiful pastels.



Chardin self-portrait in pastel with an eyeshade- 1775

2015 Pastel 29 x 20 $325.

Chardin was a great pastellist of the 18th Century when the medium became very popular for rendering portraits.


Francoise Marguerite Chardin

portrait in pastel 1776-Chardin

2015 Pastel 29 x 20 $325

IMG_4068 (2).JPG

Maid in Delft - Oil on canvas 40 x 40 Private Collection. Vermeer's girl admires Fabritius's Goldfinch.

Cezanne self-portrait 2016 pastel 30 x 23


Tribute to Turner Oil 76 x 122 . This is based on one of J.M.W.Turner's paintings of the fire which engulfed the old houses of parliament on 16th October 1834. Private collection.

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