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Evening on the Warren OIl on Canvas 1220 x 61 $825 unframed. In South West WA's sublime Karri forest     

Plein Air Works and Recent Paintings

This section will feature works painted 'en plein air' that is outdoors, this can be challanging but particularily satisfying, especially when it works. Because light changes so quickly such paintings have to be quickly or simply executed and are often quite small. What they may lose in size should be made up in verve and gesture.

Also displayed is some recently completed work.






IMG_5269 (2).JPG

Villeneuve-lez-Avignon Oil on board framed 37 x 27 Private Collection. A quiet courtyard in this town on the 'French' side of the Rhone.

IMG_5261 (2).JPG

Collonges- la- Rouge, Corrieze, Where every townsman sought to build a better turret than his neighbour! Pastel 39 x 29 $ 475.

Washing Day at the Chateau pen and wash 20 x 13. This was a sketch made plein air. I will probably use it as a basis for a studio work.

IMG_5313 (2).JPG

Subiaco Common  pastel framed  39 x 29 

$450. Cool dappled light through the plane trees.






IMG_5169 (3).JPG

Yallingup Summer, Oil on Board, 50 x 40 This was the raffle prize at WA Society of Arts 125th Annual Exhibition. It raised $1672. Private collection. Based on a plein air sketch.

IMG_4895 (2).JPG

The Pemberton Tram at the Cascades Oil on board framed, image 30 x 20, framed. $ 375.

IMG_5227 (2).JPG
IMG_5250 (2).JPG

Late Summer- Augusta Pastel framed 39 x 29 $400. 

This is based on an oil sketch made on the spot during a recent trip.

The Fremantle Markets pastel 39 x29 framed.  Architecture and attitude in this well preserved maritime city. Private Collection.

IMG_5166 (2).JPG

London Calling! By 168 Bus to Camden Lock pastel image 55x 39, framed. $625. Street theatre galore!  


Perth has some delightful art deco palaces of entertainment. Here is the The Windsor

In pastel 46 x 21. In the same series are paintings of The Regal and The Cygnet $225 each or $625 the three unframed.




' Circus ', oil on board: Private collection. Image 29 x 39 (framed).

IMG_5129 (2).JPG

L'Ambiance Francaise-La Marche Oil on board framed, image 50 x 50 $600 

The Picture of Dorian Gray  Oil on canvas at 6feet x 4 feet this was my biggest yet!

Private collection.

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