People and Places


‘Why people and places? Well we are all very adept from our earliest days at recognising and interpreting the infinite nuances of body language. Clearly a painting cannot convey speech, but figures by their physical appearances, poses and gestures can tell a story. Similarly buildings in a solid form reflect the foibles of the societies and individuals that created them, from the grand imperial to the humble shed they embody human history and endeavour, sublime and sinister, sententious and ephemeral. Altogether terrific subject matter to be explored.’

National Gallery and St Martins 
Pastel 57 x 37  Private collection
IMG_5126 (2).JPG
Diva's Washday-Nice 
Pastel 53 x 39 $585.
IMG_5027 (2).JPG
View from Bickley Point-Rottnest Oil on board 40 x 55
framed $575. Based on a plein air sketch.

Sunny day in London W1  Pastel 39 x 29 Private collection

IMG_5025 (2).JPG

Arrowtown Oil on board framed 39 x 29 $435. Lovely 'heritage town New Zealand South Island.

Last Tango in Gordes Pastel 39 x 29 $425.

Set in one of the lovely towns of the Luberon,

Rocamadour en Quercy
2015. A site of a shrine from time immemorial it was once looted by English King Henry ll's son Henry in the mid 12th century, he died shortly thereafter full of remorse in nearby Martel; it still clings to its hillside in South West France.
Pastel 39x29 $425
St Pauls from the Millenium Bridge
Pastel 57 x 37 $625
  The Wilderness Railway      Tasmania. Oil on board        framed 39 x 29 $435.       Something rumbling in the   jungle!
IMG_5091 (2).JPG
Salisbury Cathedral
Oil 120 x 30  Private collection
This is based on a sketch which I made on a beautiful late
September evening in the Cathedral close. In the footsteps of the great; Constable and Turner!

The Old Town-Nice. Pastel 39 x 29 $425

 Summer in Beaufort Street oil on board 42 x 32 framed. $420.

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