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Cafe Scene


These are so much fun to paint. Plenty of interaction between the figures, subtle plots and sub-plots, real conversation pieces. Cafe scenes seem to embody the essence of a holiday or a place or indeed the happier less complicated aspects of life- if you don't have to run one of course!

Café de la Poste, Goult
Oil 76x101 Pivate Collection ( a part of this painting has been used as a book cover)
Art Gallery Café - Late Session (Moores Bld. Fremantle)
Pastel 29 x 39  $475
Café de France, L'Isle sur la Sorgue Oil 101 x 76
Private collection.
Café Journaux - Paris
Pastel 29 x 20 $325

Le Grand Cafe- Ax les Thermes

Pastel 39 x 29 Private Collection

On holiday one year we called into this cafe, I was surprised and initially miffed when I found that their menus included an A4 repro of my painting! Although unauthorised and leaving aside international copyright law it is quite a compliment really. This year we got a free drink!!

IMG_1210 (002).jpg
John StreetCafe oil on board (29x39) $475. Shady among the mature Cottesloe trees
IMG_5155 (2).JPG
Pastel 55x39  Languorous lunch in Southern France. Private collection
IMG_5040 (2).JPG
IMG_5584 (2).JPG

Old Theatre Lane, Claremont Pastel framed 39 x 29  $475. Street Theatre & no admission to pay.

The Sultans of Swing- (Dire Strait's Heroes in their South London Venue)  Pastel framed 85 x 52. $725.

Not a cafe but probably coffee available !

Provencal Ladies who Lunch- Pastel framed
39x 29 $425  serious pleasure not to be rushed

St.Paul de Vence Oil on board framed, image 29 x 39 Private collection

IMG_5280 (2).JPG
IMG_5308 (2).JPG
Cricketer's Arms Pastel 29x 39 $490, a well earned drink for the bowler.

Budapest Nights. Imperial elegance. Pastel 29 x 39 framed. $525. 

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