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The Human Form


Always fascinating and a great challange. If you can paint or draw a nude figure you can just about do anything. That is why the classical academies spent so much time and effort drilling their pupils in the disciplines of the life class, and that only after an extensive apprenticeship drawing from plaster casts.

Beauty and the Beach (l)
Pastel 29 x 20  $325
Study of Female Torso
Oil 61 x 90 NFS
Study of Male Torso
Oil 45 x 36 NFS
Studio Life Study
Pastel 79 x 49 $550

Studio Life Study 2

Pastel 79 x 49 $475


Pastel 20 x 45 $275

Ciao  (Rome Airport) oil 92 x 41  The clothed figure is also a great subject.

Studio Sketch pen and wash. This is about full size. Less really can be more sometimes.

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